Don’t Get Burned, Get Legion

Choose Legion Insulated Cooking Equipment for All Your Foodservice Needs!

Legion Industries developed insulation for its foodservice equipment back in the 1960s. In the late 1980s, that technology was enhanced, and Legion insulated products became the talk of the industry. Here’s why:

  • No more burns! Insulated products protect your staff from burns when they brush against the outside of a Legion product. No matter what the cooking temperature inside, every Legion product’s exterior is cool to the touch!

  • The kitchen stays cooler! The heat stays inside the unit, keeping the kitchen cool, reducing the incidents of operator inefficiency and fatigue.

  • Insulated products are more energy efficient! Insulated products reduce the over all temperature in the kitchen, reducing air conditioning and exhaust system usage and costs. Since the heat stays inside the unit, the food stays hotter longer, making Legion’s products less expensive to operate!

Check out the extensive list of Legion products that can be insulated.