The Skittle is a self-generating, no boiler kettle, without the need to meet ASME requirements for a kettle or boiler. Built at the correct working height for safe mixing and stirring, the draw-off, 10° tilt and pan rack also provide for easy dispensing. It is fully insulated with superior heat retention and a "cool to the touch" exterior to make your kitchen a safer, cooler place to work.

The Skittle has been designed to be a HACCP Compliant kettle completely seam-welded. The narrow profile and rectangular shape assures the maximum use of valuable kitchen space in a line-up of equipment.

  • Simple to operate and maintain. ASME Pressure Vessel Codes not required – no low water control, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, and sight glass or water fill connection.
  • Capacities ranging from 7.6 to 49 gallons.