The Skittle is a self generating, no boiler steamer creating steam by simply heating water (cupfuls) and holding the steam produced within the Capsule Lid during the cooking process. When cold food product is placed in the Skittle, the steam condenses and drops to the bottom of the pan as water. Legion’s revolutionary heating system quickly converts this water back to steam. This recycling process is very efficient and saves water, energy, and time. Temperature control of the water in the pan allows steaming from 175°F to 212°F for gentle steaming and holding.
  • No costly boiler replacement
  • Easy maintenance…no de-liming or de-scaling
  • Reduced water consumption – cupfuls vs. 60-70 gallons per hour
  • ASME approval and boiler controls eliminated
  • Holds the steam when raised- protects the operator from harmful blasts.
  • Resumes steaming immediately when lowered.
  • Safe, Efficient.
  • No leaky doors. No gaskets to replace.