The popularity of the Skittle and restricted headroom in some applications has led Legion into the develoment of a new Skittle series designated as SKL.

The following diagrams shows the rotation and height of covers, which utilize racks containing 5 pans (designated as SK, the standard unit), and covers which utilize racks containing the 3 pans (designated as SKL, the lower height unit). The pan bodies are identical with a modified frame and lid to accommodate restricted hood paces or bulkheads.

Now you can select from 5.10, or 15-pan capacity with the SK units, or 3, 6 or 9 pans with the reduced height SKL.

How to properly select a lid configuration and pan depth which will work under a hood:

  • A hood is required. The Skittle is rated for both gas & electric ANSI standards as a griddle & fryer - both require a hood.
  • Fire protection is required. The selected or existing ansul system must be checked to be certain that it complies with local codes.
  • Measure distance from wall (A) and height from floor (B) as shown.
  • Be certain no interference exists under hood, e.g. the ansul system that is selected or lights.